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Seeing Mac for hypnosis is like seeing a good friend and skilled professional at the same time. She has real skills but also the down to earth personality that makes you feel comfortable: Be prepared to both laugh and heal! She's devoted to helping her clients heal themselves as well as the big picture of healthier families, community, and society. Danielia Lemaich

Working with Mac in hypnotherapy has helped me to make some much needed change. Initially, I went to see her about remembering people's names which has effected some of my personal as well as professional relationships. Since working with Mac, I have experienced subtle, yet large shifts, not only in recalling peoples names, but in having a confidence & ease that I had not had prior. Mac is a clear listener, with a keen eye for detail. She has many tools at her disposal and knows how to use them. Most importantly, she has equipped me with tools, allowing me to step closer to my potential. anonymous client

Ever since I met Mac, I have been in awe of her grounding, steady, supportive, and incredibly kind personality. She has a distinct healing presence--I feel better just as soon as I hear her calm, warm, and loving voice. I can feel the strength of nature in her voice and the courage and humility of a person who has dedicated her life to the upliftment of all. These qualities as I see them in her, are so are important to me, because I like to connect with my practitioners in an authentic way. Mac supports me to reach my full potential in terms of wellness and her presence allows my body and mind to enter a deeply restorative and safe space. I believe that all clients and patients deserve a container such as the one Mac provides, to encounter the more healed version of themselves. 

As a practitioner, Mac is everything you would look for in a guide to your best self: she is intelligent, kind, authentic, experienced in working with so many types of people, and highly trained as a hypnotherapist.  But what I love most about her, is that she is someone who truly wants you to feel and be your best in every way, and she will unearth every last tool to make sure you have the opportunity to do that for yourself. The rest is in your hands. I believe every person deserves ONLY this type of practitioner--someone who gives 1000% to the task at hand. Mac is not only capable, she is talented, dedicated and insightful. She teaches you to trust yourself, and empowers you with the tools to do so. 

She has guided me in such a respectful way to find my best self. She still does that for me because what I learned from her, stays with me; that's what she taught me to do. I would choose Mac to be my hypnotherapist and guide over and over again because of the way I feel heard, seen and supported in her presence. She has opened me up to so many new avenues in my life, in which I am now able to shine brightly. I feel like I am a better person because I have met her and worked with her. 

I am grateful for her support. If you are ready to transform your life, and free yourself to blossom, I would run, not walk to see if she has any openings in her schedule for you. You are worth it. 

Hypnotherapy is a unique modality that many people have not heard of before, but it has changed my life in a profound way. I believe Mac plays a unique and important role in the community as hypnotherapist--one who empowers people to create their own change in life.  She channels her talent with the grace of smile and heartfelt laughter--she makes it look easy. But her work has the power to change the way you experience life. And, that's an immeasurable gift.  Lopa Visaveliya, M.Ed. CMS-CHt 

Purandhri Hypnotherapy

Lopa N. Visaveliya


Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

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