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"In a gentle way you can shake the world" -Gandhi

Hello friends

I have lived in Teton Valley for twenty years. I raised my girls with a passion for these glorious mountains, an ingrained commitment to our community and a devoted love to family. They have since grown up and left Teton Valley to forge a path of their own and each live truly to our mantra, gently you can change the world

Emergency nursing had been my calling, I felt that I really could, in a gentle way, ease another's life at a vulnerable and critical time. After twenty-five years in this profession, when my youngest daughter left for college, it seemed to be the perfect time to change my career.

Finding another career path was not intuitive and I had given this great thought over the last several years. My criteria was to find a career that guides real positive lasting change with a deep connection long after the client goes home. A good friend of mine walked into my living room and asked "have you ever heard about hypnotherapy?" Divine intention literally brought the answer to my home! 

Hypnotherapy offers an incredible connection with the client. Hypnotherapy can be anything you want it to be. You can train your mind on listening to your inner dialogue and changing it if it is no longer serving you. Hypnotherapy is a direct path to your inner wisdom. Hypnotherapy guides you take note, note of your inner saboteur and begin to change the negative. This allows us to be more mindful of our actions in life. Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet. It is self work. It is empowerment! It is a life changer! I have no doubt that Hypnotherapy is my life's work! 

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Certifications & Education

Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist:

500 hours classroom and practical hours

Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy 

F 10319-601

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1995

Montana State University

Bozeman, Montana

As an IBH certified Hypnotherapist and a graduate of Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Mac's professional training and education ranks amongst top 5% of hypnotherapists in US.

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